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A Documentary Film By John Luke Grubb

The Prophet of The Piano

A Music Culture Documentary

A 79-minute exquisite music culture documentary spotlighting the renowned Ukrainian composer and pianist. With sophistication and academic insight, it captivates music enthusiasts, intellectuals, and culture-driven audiences, offering a profound exploration of Melnyk's unparalleled artistry. All rights are available, making this a perfect addition for discerning buyers.


"I know I'm not Beethoven!"

Extended Trailer

About The Film

In the world of classical music, few artists dare to break the rules and create something transcendent. One such artist is Lubomyr Melnyk, the Ukrainian pianist known for his groundbreaking style of playing called Continuous Music.


From a young age, Lubomyr displayed incredible talent on the piano. Trained in the classical tradition, he yearned to challenge the boundaries of traditional music. Through experimentation, he discovered new techniques, creating a continuous stream of sound with his fingers and the sustain pedal. His music became a fusion of classical and avant-garde, ethereal and hauntingly beautiful.


Lubomyr faced challenges finding an audience early on. His music was deemed too experimental by the classical world. Undeterred, he persisted, knowing his music had the power to touch souls. With time, his reputation grew, drawing larger audiences who were captivated by the beauty of his compositions.


Lubomyr's journey exemplifies the power of creativity and the courage to follow one's own path. His ethereal sounds continue to inspire, reminding us of the limitless potential within ourselves. His music is an invitation to explore uncharted territories, uncovering new and unheard realms within the realm of music.

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Meet The Team


Carey Rose O'Connell


With 20+ years of corporate management experience, Carey Rose founded RoseBrand Consultation Services in 2017, assisting content creators, non-profits, and small businesses. Her Albuquerque Film and media incubator, established in 2022, fosters a sustainable local film industry.


Jaimi Romano


Jaimi Romano, AFMI's Director of Communications, partners with Good Point Productions to produce local projects. With a decade of experience in marketing and event production, she is dedicated to supporting storytelling and the art of filmmaking through strategic planning and communications


John S. Grubb


With decades of business experience, John Grubb co-leads Good Point Productions providing leadership and valuable artistic insight to cast and crew.

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 10.30_edited.jpg

Brian Osback


Brian Osback has an extensive resume and skillset working as a cinematographer for indie films, features as well as mainstreaam media.

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 10.31_edited.jpg

Justin Engel


A prolific sound recordist with notable works from Netflix and HBO


Jason Wolf


Jason forged his hybrid career of Business Development and Entertainment Producer in Silicon Valley in the late 90's during the dot com boom, where he worked for such companies as Avid (Digidesign), Opcode Systems, and Seer Systems. 


About the Director

J.L. creates conversations and the space to allow his documentary subjects to freely express themselves therefore exposing audiences to new perspectives and insights that would only be revealed through intimate conversations.

Through his work he explores musical subjects unknown to most people with the intent of sparking conversations and philosophical debates among academics, professionals and music enthusiasts alike.

Good Point Productions and
Albuquerque Film & Media Incubator

Have partnered together to produce this film from Pre-Production to Post-Production, ensuring quality every step of the way. Having successfully raised capital to fund this film, through this partnership, they have impacted the local New Mexican film community providing employment to industry professionals and development for local community members, as well as fostering safe set practices and mentorship.

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